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Self Worth

Having a healthy view of yourself

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When you make a mistake, what are the first thoughts you have? When you step into a room full of people, how do you feel you're being perceived? Your answers to these questions will reveal a lot about what you believe about yourself and your self worth. 

When your thoughts about yourself are predominately negative, your life and the decisions you make will be negatively impacted by what you believe about yourself. The notion of being valuable or having worth is a desire that lives inside of us all and when our value is tied to a standard that is unattainable or based off a misguided view of ourselves you will find yourself vulnerable to abuse. This could be abuse caused by another who takes advantage of this, or self-afflicting abuse whether it be emotional, physical or both.   

The goal is to have a healthy view or understanding about who you really are and then be consistent in that view as you make decisions, build relationships, and go about your life. For some, this is easier said than done due to childhood trauma, an abusive relationship, and years of reinforcing a false view of yourself. 

At Hope for Healing our therapists are trained to help you establish a healthy view of yourself and your self worth that will allow you to manage life's challenges with more confidence as you begin to make decisions that are consistent with your true value. Please contact us today to see how we can partner with you in your hope for healing. 

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