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Common questions for Hope for Healing are provided here on our FAQ page. If you have a question that is not answered here or a question regarding an answer provided, please feel free to contact us through the form below or by calling our office at 562-445-8177. 

Are appointments virtual or in-person? 

Hope for Healing Counseling provides both in-person and Telehealth counseling. In-person services will take place in our offices in Paramount. Our Telehealth or virtual services are available to all residents of California and conducted securely and confidentially over our HIPPA- approved Zoom. 


Does Hope for Healing Counseling accept insurance? 

We currently accept Aetna, Cigna, and Health Net and look to add more major insurance companies in the near future. However, each plan is different, and we cannot guarantee coverage until we speak with your insurance provider directly. If you are unsure if we take your insurance or not, please give us a call

Out-of-Network patients can be provided a super bill to be submitted to insurers for reimbursement, please check with your health insurance provider to determine if you are eligible.  All appointments must be paid in full at the time service in order to receive a Super Bill. 


How much will an appointment cost? 

Costs for appointments will vary based on payment type and other factors. If paying through your insurance, costs can vary plan to plan. Our billing department does their best to verify your benefits and contact you if there are any issues with your coverage. 

However, it is the patient's responsibility to be aware of their benefits, and Hope for Healing is not responsible for any unexpected fees incurred due to lapse in coverage or out-of-network plans. This includes late cancellation fees if you find out we do not accept your insurance and your appointment is in less than 2 business days. 

Tip: Call your insurance company. They can let you know if Hope for Healing Counseling is in-network, provide more information about your financial responsibility, such as co-pays, and give you resources for other in-network facilities. 

If you are not using insurance, you will be responsible for the self pay-rate, which is determined by the therapist selected and your financial situation. The cost per 50 minute session is $125 however, we do reserve the right to lower our rate for lower household income clients. The amount agreed upon will be disclosed prior to the first session. 

Please note that a credit card must be placed on file prior to the first session whether you are self-pay or paying through your insurance. 


Do you accept Medicare or Medi-cal?

We do not currently accept Medicare or Medi-cal. However, we are able to provide services to Medi-Cal recipients if they are insured by one of the insurance companies we accept. 


What do I need in order to register as a new client? 

Please call our office to register as a new client. At this time you will asked about your insurance information or if you will be self-pay. A rate will be determined based on your income situation and the therapist you decide on. You will also need to provide pertinent contact information prior to scheduling your first session.  


How soon can I be seen?

In most cases you can been seen within two weeks of contacting our office. However, if you are booking a new client appointment, it's a good idea to check your benefits before scheduling as our billing department may not have time verify it right away. 


What is your cancellation policy? 

Hope for Healing Counseling requires a 24 hour notice before an appointment for cancellation. Cancellations received after this cut-off time will be considered late cancellations and will result in a late-cancellation fee of $35. However, appointments that were in-person can be converted to video appointments to avoid this charge. 


What if I miss an appointment? 

Missed appointments are counted as late cancellations and will result in a late-cancellation fee of $35. Hope for Healing sends confirmation emails or text messages to help make sure you never miss an appointment. However, these are sent as a courtesy and it is the client's responsibility to keep track of all appointments scheduled. 


If you've forgotten about an appointment and are unable to make it to the office, give us call. If there is still time, we can convert your appointment to video in order to avoid an additional fees.  


What is your refund policy? 

Hope for Healing Counseling does not offer refunds for late cancellations or past services.


Do you offer counseling in Spanish? 

Some of our therapist are bilingual in Spanish and English, please call to find out or check out our therapists bio page.


The recommended way of checking for availability or asking questions is by selecting "Contact Us" and filling out the short form provided. 

16415 S. Colorado Ave.,

Suite 305
Paramount, CA 90723

Tel:  562 - 445 - 8177

Fax: 562 - 445 - 8179

Therapy sessions by appointment only: times may very
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