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Life Transitions

Managing difficult life transitions

You have probably heard the saying, "nobody likes change," and while that is an exaggerated generalization, the saying carries a lot of truth to it which is what made it popular. More times than not, we like to fantasize about change and dream of what could be, but when it comes to actually making or embracing a change, it comes with a lot of resistance because it challenges our natural desire for familiarity and comfort.  

Changes in life, whether expected or unexpected, can be significantly disorienting. Though we all experience change on a consistent basis, the process of a big transition can be particularly overwhelming.

Common Life Transitions:

  • Loss of a relationship such as divorce

  • Death of a loved one 

  • Change in career or loss of a job

  • Loss of a role in life such as an empty nester

  • Getting engaged/married

  • Becoming a parent

  • Entering adolescence, middle age, etc.

  • Retirement

  • Relocating to another city/state/country


These life transitions are often a time where the support of a skilled therapist can help with the difficulty people have adjusting to new situations and demands. It's important to realize that a big change could start off exciting and invigorating but as things begin to settle and the newness wears off, the reality of change and its difficulties become glaringly obvious. This could lead to feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness which could result in a form of anxiety and/or depression as these emotions begin to take over your thinking and daily living. 

Our therapist at Hope for Healing are able to help you through life transitions as you learn to embrace change as an opportunity to transform and grow and live a more fulfilling life. Please contact us today to see how we can partner with you in your hope for healing. 

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