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Grief & Loss

What is Grief Counseling?

Experiencing loss is a part of life we can't avoid, but despite loss being a universal experience, no single person deals with loss exactly the same. When we face loss in our lives we can experience a range of emotions, some of which are conflicting and confusing. One day you can feel incredibly angry and the next day you feel empty and despondent. One would think that because loss is such a normal part of life that we would be able to navigate it well, but grieving our losses is anything but easy to navigate. 

In short, grief counseling is a form of therapy intended to help you cope with the complexity of loss. These losses usually take the form of the death of a spouse, family member, friend, colleague, or pet. The death of a loved one can cause both emotional and physical pain that can sometimes impair your ability to function. Working with a skilled therapist can provide you a space to grieve and receive the necessary support you need without being completely overwhelmed and provide with the guidance to learn new ways to live your life.

Our therapists believe that that there is hope for healing and healing brings greater hope. When the loss of someone you love leaves you feeling hopeless, we want to encourage you that there is hope on the other side of this. Please contact us today to see how we can partner with you in your hope for healing. 

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