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There is hope for healing and healing brings greater hope

Our Passion —  


For over 10 years, our therapist's at Hope for Healing have focused on developing strong, supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationships with clients and on instilling hope for healing from past trauma and conflict. 

We are committed to guide and support our clients in each step of the therapeutic process. With care and compassion, we promote our clients' progress and their development of positive goals and expectations. In the end, clients are equipped with effective coping skills that give them greater success in managing challenges they face in their daily lives. 

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

"There is a nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in forgiveness."

John Connolly



You are not alone, we are here to partner with you...


Our role is to develop a supportive, collaborative therapeutic alliance with our clients instilling hope for healing from past trauma. We work to engage our clients in the therapeutic process in order to promote progress and the development of positive goals and expectations. Clients are equipped with effective coping skills that give them greater success in managing challenges they face in their daily lives. 

We recognize the complex issues and dynamics that exist within families. We work with our clients to validate individuals' pain while moving toward increased understanding of other family members. We challenge clients to work toward improved communication and acceptance of other family members once they too feel better understood. We focus our clients on moving toward resolution while highlighting their ability to control significant factors that will result in improved quality of family life.


We understand the complex issues and dynamics that exist with couples and how these lead to conflict. We work to validate each individual while challenging both to increase their understanding of their partner's perspective, emotions and needs. Improving communication and equipping clients with effective coping skills are also significant areas of focus. We highlight each individual's control over their behavior and facilitate the process of moving toward mutual positive goals and healing.

We offer Christian counseling to strengthen individuals' functioning and relationships while also remaining grounded in foundational beliefs and faith. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach which uses a set of standardized protocols to make use of the body to more effectively work through difficult psychological events and experiences.




The recommended way of checking for availability or asking questions is by selecting "Contact Us" and filling out the short form provided. 

16415 S. Colorado Ave.,

Suite 305
Paramount, CA 90723

Tel:  562 - 445 - 8177

Fax: 562 - 445 - 8179

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